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Meet the $27 pen that lets you draw physical objects in midair – BGR

Whether or not you have a single artistic bone in your body, we guarantee that you will have an absolute blast with the Canbor 3D Printing Pen. This awesome contraption 3D prints the same type of plastic that a conventional 3D printer does.

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3D printing is dying — here's why - Business Insider

Before you fall for the hype on a new product category, try it yourself.

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Here’s How to 3D-Print Your Own Crossguard Lightsaber | TIME

The crossguard lightsaber introduced in the trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens raised eyebrows among skeptics as much as it elicited drools from those excited by the weapon’s redesign. Attacks on its impracticality were so widespread that Stephen Colbert took time out of one of the final episodes of the Colbert Report to defend the genius of the design.

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LIX Is The World’s Smallest 3D Drawing Pen That Lets You Draw In The Air | Bored Panda

Imagine being able to draw a solid 3D object in the air, the way you might draw signs in the air with your finger. That's exactly the idea behind the Lix 3D pen, which can draw solid lines through the air with no need for paper. They launched a Kickstarte