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One out of seven Jews worldwide are haredi | Israel National News

How many haredim leave the community? Study finds 80% of Jewish population growth is from haredi sector. 1/4 of Jews will be haredi by 2040.

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Shelly Schreter - Our Haredi Problem

Shelly Schreter – Our Haredi Problem I was very sad to read yesterday that 100 corona tests in the haredi community of Boisbriand, Quebec yielded 40 positives. Israeli TV news brought shocking images of loaded body bags piled up, for lack of space,

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Golani Brigade to Get Haredi Company as 7,600 Haredi Officers and Soldiers Serve in IDF

According to the plan, which is being formulated in collaboration between the IDF HR division and the Golani Brigade, the special Haredi company will be added to the ranks of the brigade come March 2019.