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86% of People Can See This Optical Illusion. Are You One of Them?

A team of psychologists studied people's reactions to this optical illusion to find out how our bodies react to our minds being tricked.

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Can Otters See Optical Illusions? These Adorable Animals Weigh In

Can otters see optical illusions? Otters Kotaro and Hana are on the case in this adorable animal video. Here's what they found.

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When Magic Eye Pictures Ruled the World—and Frustrated Millions of People

The biggest fad of 1994 was an optical illusion that had people staring at abstract images and getting upset when nothing happened.

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This Hilarious Optical Illusion for Birds Could Save Your Life

Birds and planes are a bad combination, but it’s not so easy to shoo our avian friends away from airport runways. Thankfully, scientists from France have stumbled upon an ingenious solution to the problem—an optical illusion that appears to scare the

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4 Interior Design Optical Illusions That Really Make An Impact

Decorating is all about mastering the art of perception. Our interior design optical illusions will help transform the space you have into the one you want.

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The Best Illusion of the Year Contest

The Best illusion of the Year Contest announced its winners this past weekend in a ceremony at St. Pete Beach, Florida. The winners are:1st prize The Dynamic EbbinghausChristopher Blair, Gideon Caplovitz, and Ryan Mruczek(University of Nevada Reno, USA, U