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Peter Beinart Called for the Elimination of the Jewish State. Ben And Jerry’s Tapped Him to Defend Israel Boycott to Franchisees

Ben & Jerry’s brought in vocal Israel critic and anti-Zionist author Peter Beinart to talk to its store owners about Israel’s "illegal occupation" earlier this week, after franchisees raised concerns about the company’s boycott of the Jewish state, the Wa

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NYT's Peter Beinart Rakes in Six Figures From Anti-Israel Group

Peter Beinart received over six figures from an anti-Israel foundation that has branded Israel an apartheid state and funded groups active in BDS.

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Why Israel will always be a Jewish state - The Jerusalem Post

Israel’s greatest security risk is a binational state from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea.

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Steve Kramer - Peter Beinart Is Concerned for Israel's Future (NOT)

Steve Kramer – Peter Beinart Is Concerned for Israel’s Future (NOT) I write articles like this one because popular columnists such as Peter Beinart have the reach and the power to misinform many readers. In a recent article on the traditionally le

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