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Why the World’s Biggest Pig Is in Serious Trouble

The 600-pound giant forest hog is expert at avoiding people, who are increasingly hunting the animal in its African habitat.

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You Can Now Pay To Spend An Afternoon Cuddling Your Stress Away With Cows

Feel like you need a break from the everyday stresses of life and just want to “hug it out”? This could be the therapy session you need: You can pay to spend the afternoon petting, playing with and cuddling cows — and horses, for that matter

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Exam Season: Now With Piglets! | Mental Floss

Members of NTU's student union have decided to create a piglet room for their fellow students to use to de-stress. Students are allowed to spend a few minutes interacting with the tiny swine, as well as goats, chickens, and even a donkey. To make sure both humans and animals stay safe, there are experts on hand watching over the room.