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Six Years of Team World Supporter: A Chronicle of Advocacy, Insight, and Growth

As we mark the sixth anniversary of Team World Supporter (TWS), we embark on a reflective journey, celebrating milestones achieved and envisioning the path ahead. In this op-ed, we'll explore TWS's accomplishments over the past year, spotlighting our init

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TWS' Review of Rumble: A Platform with Potential and Ambiguity in Content Moderation

Rumble, often positioned as a YouTube alternative emphasizing "Free Speech," has recently introduced a "hate speech" clause to their policies. However, it's crucial to highlight that this clause lacks clear definition and boundaries, leaving users and con

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TWS' Truth Social Review

Truth Social was founded in October of 2022 by President Trump. He created it as a way to communicate with his followers without the censorship of Big Tech. It first launched as a beta for the first couple of months, on February 21st the app launched to t

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TWS News Roundup 12/6/22

The most important verified news from today

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Parler VS Clouthub review

In light of Twitter declaring war on free speech and going on a censorship spree, the demand and need for a real free speech social media platform has been felt by many. TWS is here to fight for and protect the constitution —beginning with free speech,

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Please help people get their account back

Thank you Mr. President for taking action against social media suppressing conservatives! We the people appreciate it! However, this doesn't help the people that were suspended for no reason. We at Team World Supporter, demand that Twitter and other soci

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Statement on President Trump and his social media taskforce

Last week President Donald Trump announced that he's thinking about making a task force to tackle social media censorship. Here are my observations: Team World Supporter started to work on this issue over two years ago. It wasn't till a year later that a

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Team World Supporter update on our fight to protect the First Amendment

A bit over two years ago, we at Team World Supporter began a quest to protect free speech on social media. It began with a daily counter of suspected shadow banning or account suspension, that is still ongoing today. The next step was to expose the occurr

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TWS' StoryFire Review

StoryFire is an app that was created as an alternative to YouTube by known YouTuber Jesse Ridgeway (McJuggernuggets) and Brian Spitz. StoryFire was created as an app for people to create, write stories and upload videos. There is an in-app currency called

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Two Year Statement

Two years ago, we at Team World Supporter, saw that the first amendment was under attack. We decided to act and protect the constitution. We began a daily count

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Team World Supporter official fundraising statement

We at Team World Supporter are launching a new campaign. We are trying to raise money so we can promote the tweet announcing the form for people to fill out the