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No Coronavirus Quarantine Rules For MTV 2020 VMA Performers – Report

At the VMAs, it's quarantine for thee, but not for me. New York City quarantine rules are now being enforced on travelers from 34 states, requiring a two-week isolation if arriving in the five boroughs for longer than a 24-hour stopover. That is, if you'r

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The Best Frozen Moments From the 2015 VMAs -- Vulture

The 2015 Video Music Awards: What a wonderful mess. Did it happen? So it seems. Were there highs and low? Definitely. Was any of it real? It's hard to tell.

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Here's What The MTV VMAs Looked Like In 1995

This Sunday will mark the 31st annual MTV Video Music Awards, and in anticipation of the big day, let's look back -- 20 years back to be precise -- at what the VMAs looked like in 1995.  To set the scene

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Miley Cyrus announces she's hosting the MTV VMAs in a very Miley way

Miley Cyrus, who won Video of the Year for "Wrecking Ball" at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards, will host this year's VMAs on Aug. 30 in Los Angeles.