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Chè Ba Màu (Vietnamese Three Color Pudding) Recipe

A refreshing Vietnamese dessert made with layers of crushed ice, red bean and mung bean pastes, pandan jelly, and sweet coconut sauce.

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Spicy Vietnamese Chicken Sandwiches Recipe - Marcia Kiesel | Food & Wine

The Vietnamese accents here come from Sriracha (Southeast Asian chile sauce) and sweet-salty pickled onions. More Sandwich Recipes ...

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Shaking Beef Recipe

This savory-sweet stir-fry, known as bo luc lac or “dice” in Vietnamese, gets its English name from the constant shaking of the pan performed by the cook while browning the meat It can be tough work to move the hot wok constantly, and the intense heat

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Café sua dá is glorious in dessert form too. Try this recipe for Cassia's Vietnamese coffee pudding.

If you love both coffee and Vietnamese food, then you probably spend a lot of time drinking café sua dá, the fantastically addictive Vietnamese drink of iced coffee and sweetened condensed milk. (If you don't have the inexpensive lit

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Vietnamese Steak With Cucumber Salad Recipe

The marinade on this steak is based on a classic Vietnamese dipping sauce called nuoc cham Since it consists mostly of pantry staples – Asian fish sauce, brown sugar and garlic – all you need to pick up on the way home are some fresh limes and