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Radys Donate $200M in ‘Landmark’ Gift to Children’s Hospital

The namesakes of Rady Children’s Hospital donated a historic $200 million to the facility for a “top-to-bottom transformation,” hospital officials confirmed Thursday morning.

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12 Things You Have In Your House That Your Local Animal Shelter Desperately Needs

Millions of dogs and cats across the United States are currently living in animal shelters. If these creatures are lucky, the animal shelter will act as a layover on the way to a forever home. According to the ASPCA, about 29 percent of all cats and dog

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4 Ways to Toss Things With No Regrets

You need to take back your space. Here's how to set your mind to the task.

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Support Best friends with a GREAT idea!

We're Josh Namm and Charles Haspel. We've been best friends for over 30 years. A few years ago, a few friends of ours were sending us links to articles when we thought