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Business & Finance | Women Entrepreneurs

How I earned over $1 million in passive income in one year

Copywriting expert Laura Belgray says developing a large email list following was key to her success in selling digital copywriting courses.

Business & Finance | Women Entrepreneurs

How This Startup Makes Homeownership Affordable for Renters

Adena Hefets, co-founder and CEO of Divvy Homes, says venture investors are slow to grasp the advantages of homeownership for low- and middle-income Americans.

Business & Finance | Women Entrepreneurs

Self-Care Messaging and IGTV Help This Startup Thrive Amid Covid-19

This direct-to-consumer houseplant company benefited from shelter-in-place mandates, says co-founder and CEO Eliza Blank. But a quick pivot to digital and a focus on wellness helped bring in a sales boost.

Business & Finance | Women Entrepreneurs

Female entrepreneurs are turning away from venture capital — Quartz

In the UK, only 1% of venture capital goes to women. Some founders aren't letting that stop them.