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Health & Fitness | Beyond Human Design Blogs

Astrological & Noble Sciences’ Chart Analysis of President-Elect Donald Trump | Beyond Human Design - Learn how to

Read an analysis of President Donald Trump's astrological chart and Beyond Human Design Charts and consider his character in that light.

Health & Fitness | Beyond Human Design Blogs

Socialization and Conditioning in Your Life

Health & Fitness | Beyond Human Design Blogs

Mac and Me: The Psyche of a Dog and the Axes of Awareness

Experiences with Mac (our Labradoodle) shifted my own understanding of what training a dog is about. I realized that when the relationship of close communication between a person and their dog happens, the dog works for the owner. The work keeps the dog fully engaged and occupied. It’s fun for a dog to have something to do — a job, a purpose. And in the process the owner gains insight into their own process and connects through the dog to a deep layer of their own unconscious.

Health & Fitness | Beyond Human Design Blogs

The Voices of the Throat

In the Body Map used in Beyond Human Design the Throat is the center of manifestation. There are eleven gates or paths from the throat center and each has its own way of communicating. Get this document and learn about the throat center.

Health & Fitness | Beyond Human Design Blogs

The Key to Happy Relationships

Discover yourself through your relationships. When you look back at the relationships in your life and imagine them as catalysts for self –reflection, and, thus, for knowledge and understanding, do you have a clear vision of the lessons of each one?