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How the Militant Left Uses Fear – The European Conservative

A technique the Left uses to increase control through public anxiety is to “set multiple fires along the ridgeline.” The public notices that the flames are spreading. Which fire does one run to first? What must be sacrificed and allowed to burn?

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    WHO's Afraid of the Big, Bad Freedom

    Wait, WHO's grabbing power? Yes, they are. Flush off their unprecedented interference during the COVID pandemic, the World

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    Could It Happen Here? 200 Dead, as Sri Lanka Literally Runs Out of Gas

    Sri Lanka went woke and now it’s gone broke with enough gasoline to last “for a single day.”
    “The Ministry of Finance” of the Democratic Socialist Republic “is find...

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    What Is the Great Reset?

    The following is adapted from a talk delivered at Hillsdale College on November 7, 2021, during a Center for Constructive Alternatives conference on “The Great Reset.”

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    The global supply chain may be at risk of a possible collapse, warn business leaders - Digital Journal

    Global supply chains are at risk of collapse unless governments worldwide restore freedom of movement to transport workers.