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Veggies & Salads | Recipes

Recipes | Veggies & Salads

Red Wine Vinaigrette Recipe

A classic recipe for red wine vinaigrette you can make from scratch in minutes with ingredients you most likely have in your pantry.

Recipes | Veggies & Salads

Best Golden Beet & Blue Cheese Salad - A Food Lover's Kitchen

Golden beet & blue cheese salad is a simple yet tasteful and textured salad. It is super easy to make and offers clean flavors.

Recipes | Veggies & Salads

How to Make Caesar Salad From Scratch

Discover how to make caesar salad from scratch, including how to make caesar dressing. Plus, learn what's in a Caesar salad and where Caesar salad was invented.

Recipes | Veggies & Salads

12 Caprese Salads You'll Want to Make All Summer Long

There's no better trio of ingredients than juicy tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and delicious basil.

Recipes | Veggies & Salads

We Tested 4 Famous Egg Salad Recipes and the Winner Is a Total Game-Changer

Martha Stewart, Serious Eats, Carla Hall, and Smitten Kitchen's egg salad recipes go head-to-head in this recipe showdown.

Recipes | Veggies & Salads

Make the Most of Summer's Seasonal Flavors With These Pasta Salad Recipes

These summer pasta salad recipes can be served cold and can be made with mayo, Italian dressing, and more. Check out the best easy recipes here.

Recipes | Veggies & Salads

Spicy Crispy Kung Pao Cauliflower - Vegan Richa

Crispy Kung Pao Cauliflower. Cauliflower battered and baked and tossed in spicy kung pao sauce. Appetizer for gameday. Vegan Recipe. Can be gluten-free.

Recipes | Veggies & Salads

Menu Plan: Pan-Roasted Cauliflower and Fall Orzo Salad Recipes

You love roasted vegetables (join the club), but how can you turn them into a substanial vegetarian dinner? Multitask by roasting two ways (use your oven for squash and your stove for cauliflower), then make each vegetable the foundation of a filling salad full of nuts, starches, and herbs. And that's it: Two autumn side dishes have joined forces to make one easy meat-free meal.

Recipes | Veggies & Salads

Homemade Pumpkin Spice: These Are Our Favorite Ways to Cook Squash

From spicy curry to quesadillas, these international dishes feature pumpkin—without the pumpkin spice.

Recipes | Veggies & Salads

What to Do with an Overload of Peppers - Marinated Pepper Salad

You picked so many peppers, you should be called Peter Piper. Learn how to use them, starting with Yotam Ottolenghi's marinated pepper salad.

Recipes | Veggies & Salads

New Potato and Pea Salad with Mustard and Mint recipe!

This is one of those recipes that just naturally built itself in my mind - the farmer's market has had truly the best little new potatoes that you have ever had, and loads of fresh crisp snow and sugar snap peas. My garden is overrun with mint (in a

Recipes | Veggies & Salads

Fried Cabbage with Bacon, Onion, and Garlic

This is a side dish where the title says it all. Cabbage is fried with bacon, onion, and garlic for a side dish you'll want to eat again and again.