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Bars & Restaurants | Food & Drink

Food & Drink | Bars & Restaurants

15 Feast-Worthy Steakhouses in Los Angeles

Look no further for properly cooked meat, satisfying sides, and well-made drinks

Food & Drink | Bars & Restaurants

First Look: L.A.'s Famed Formosa Cafe Debuts $2.4 Million Refresh | Hollywood Reporter

On June  28, L.A.'s storied Formosa Cafe returns after a two-year redo "to make it look almost exactly the same."

Food & Drink | Bars & Restaurants

Josiah Citrin and Hans Rockenwagner to Open a Throwback Steakhouse in Culver City - Eater LA

The former Frank Sinatra haunt gets new life

Food & Drink | Bars & Restaurants

Sorry New York, California Is A Better Place To Eat Now

Iconic mainstays like baked goat cheese at Chez Panisse and new classics like shrimp tacos dorados at Mariscos Jalisco ripple through American dining

Food & Drink | Bars & Restaurants

The 18 Best New Restaurants in America! - Eater

Where to eat — and what to order — at 2018’s best restaurants across the US

Food & Drink | Bars & Restaurants

The 10 Best 24-Hour Restaurants in Los Angeles

LA is the greatest city in the US for food, but it's hard to narrow down from all those options. We made it easy with a list of the best 24-hour spots in the city.

Food & Drink | Bars & Restaurants

The 16 Best Old-School Mexican Restaurants in LA

Mexican food’s a birthright to Angelenos -- after all, LA was part of Mexico for nearly three decades, until 1848 (the more you know!). These days, modern Mexican restaurants are opening in the city at a staggering rate, but some key building blocks remain -- like these great old-school Mexican restaurants, all of which have been in business at least 25 years:

Food & Drink | Bars & Restaurants

The best bars to go on a first date in Los Angeles

Make a stellar impression on a first date at these LA bars, where ping pong, trivia and more may kick-start a connection.

Food & Drink | Bars & Restaurants

Los Angeles To (Hopefully) Get a Dog Cafe

A month ago, New York City got its first permanent cat cafe, Meow Parlour—and, well, it's pretty popular. Currently, every single time slot (there are 20 per half hour) is booked through the end of February and well into March. People, it seems, love pets. Especially when they're not fiscally or excrementally responsible for them. But maybe you're more of a dog person than a cat person. The simply named forthcoming The Dog Cafe in L.A. is looking to address that need.

Food & Drink | Bars & Restaurants

The 12 oldest bars in Los Angeles

In a town where "old" is usually used to describe a bar that opened last month, bars that have been around longer than, say, 77 years are kinda sorta rare. But sure enough,…

Food & Drink | Bars & Restaurants

The Best Ramen in 15 LA Neighborhoods!

It's only been a few years since most of LA realized that ramen didn't always have to come with a packet of spice in a plastic bag, but along with, "we're getting ramen in a restaurant!", there's also been, "which ramen restaurant are we gonna get ramen in?!". We're here to help: here're 15 of the best ramen spots, spread out all over the city:

Food & Drink | Bars & Restaurants

The Best Diners In Los Angeles

Diner, coffee shop, greasy spoon—whatever you call it—it's a staple of classic American culture.