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Craving nostalgia? Try one of these historic L.A. restaurants

Los Angeles architecture firm Armet and Davis designed the Googie-style Pann’s Coffee Shop for the Panagopoulos family in 1958. Featuring a sweeping roofline, stone walls, terrazzo floors, red leather booths and an animated neon sign, Pann’s has staye

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The 16 Best Old-School Mexican Restaurants in LA

Mexican food’s a birthright to Angelenos -- after all, LA was part of Mexico for nearly three decades, until 1848 (the more you know!). These days, modern Mexican restaurants are opening in the city at a staggering rate, but some key building blocks remain -- like these great old-school Mexican restaurants, all of which have been in business at least 25 years:

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Trejo's Tacos to serve 'most delicious tacos known to man' | abc7.com

Danny Trejo is opening Trejo's Tacos in Los Angeles, serving up what he calls 'the most delicious tacos known to man.'

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The Best Ramen in 15 LA Neighborhoods!

It's only been a few years since most of LA realized that ramen didn't always have to come with a packet of spice in a plastic bag, but along with, "we're getting ramen in a restaurant!", there's also been, "which ramen restaurant are we gonna get ramen in?!". We're here to help: here're 15 of the best ramen spots, spread out all over the city:

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Hamburger Hamlet's Restored Glory in Sherman Oaks!

Rest assured, fans of Hamburger Hamlet. Though down for the count earlier this year, their final location in Sherman Oaks has been...

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The 11 best new restaurant openings West of La Brea

Great new breakfast sandwiches, pig ear poolside tacos, and a movie theater that delivers Spago to your seat.