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Advice & Self-Help | Tips for life

Urgent care vs. ER? How to know where to go | AZ Big Media

While urgent care clinics and emergency rooms provide a number of the same services, there are substantial differences that can greatly impact uninformed consumers. Making the wrong choice when illness or injury strikes can cost thousands of dollars and h

Advice & Self-Help | Tips for life

Writers gotta write

Cyberspace is filled with lots of content, which can be a good thing because it’s a great way to communicate ideas and news. Unfortunately, there’s lots of misinformation swirling around and someti…

Advice & Self-Help | Tips for life

Checklist for a safe hike

After a few deaths on Arizona hiking trails this summer, the Phoenix Parks and Recreation Board met last week to discuss whether to close the city’s hiking trails in extreme heat. The proposal was rejected after opposition from hikers, although the

Advice & Self-Help | Tips for life

Single-Tasking Is the New Multitasking

Trying to do too many internet things at once makes it hard to get anything done at all.