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Pets & Animals | Pets!

Trainer reveals six tips for a better behaved dog — and it all comes down to structure

Get the best out of your dog with these trainer-approved tips that will help your dog feel calm and settled

Pets & Animals | Pets!

26 Animals Who Ran Afoul of the Law

When it comes to weird animal stories, it’s hard to beat the one about the parrot who got arrested for cursing out an old woman.

Pets & Animals | Pets!

Dog Who Was Homeless For 10 Years Moves Into A Warm, Loving Home

Donations are pouring in to make sure that a dog who spent the last decade outside in a New York City park will never want for anything, ever again. Charlie -- who is also known as Ricky -- had been seen around Highbridge Park in upper Manhattan f...

Pets & Animals | Pets!

WATCH: This Dog Is The Opposite Of A Sly Thief

There are plenty of adjectives one could use to describe Sadie, a German shepherd/hound mix with a penchant for petty crime.