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Miscellaneous | Religion

Was America founded as a Christian or a secular nation?

Jonathan Morris, Pastor Robert Jeffress and Ravi Zacharias weigh in on whether or not America was founded as a Christian nation.

    Miscellaneous | Religion

    Good News: Egypt Legalizes 127 Churches in Sweeping Approval

    A committee set up by the Egyptian government has approved the legalization of 127 churches which were previously being run in an illegal capacity.

      Miscellaneous | Religion

      Researchers Believe They’ve Uncovered One of the Oldest Christian Churches on the Planet

      An excavation in Egypt may have uncovered the oldest church ever discovered in the North African nation.

        Miscellaneous | Religion

        Texas Lawmakers Look to Stop Discrimination Against Companies Like Chick-fil-A

        The "Chick-fil-A bill" was fast-tracked in the Republican-controlled state legislature as a response to the San Antonio City Council stopping Chick-fil-A from opening a location at the airport of the nation's seventh largest city.

          Miscellaneous | Religion

          Bible Study Battle Turns into Federal Lawsuit After Apt. Managers Threatened to Evict Christian Couple

          A Virginia senior living community is facing a federal lawsuit after threatening to evict residents for leading a Bible study in their own apartment. 

              Miscellaneous | Religion

              'Queer and Trans Readings of Biblical Texts': US Universities Awash with Courses Aimed at 'Queering' Students

              A new report from Young America's Foundation argues the curriculum at a wide range of American schools, from Harvard University to Columbia University to Swarthmore College, seems to target conservative and Christian values in some shocking ways.

                Miscellaneous | Religion

                'Shameful and Demonic': Hillsong NYC Pastor Speaks Out Against New NY Abortion Law

                Pastor Carl Lentz of Hillsong NYC has shared his feelings about the abortion law that was passed by the New York state legislature last week.

                  Miscellaneous | Religion

                  Religious Freedom Day Celebrates Vital Founding Principle | National Review

                  It is increasingly important to articulate what religious freedom is and to explain why protections for religious belief and expression serve the common good.

                    Miscellaneous | Religion

                    Kamala Harris’s Outrageous Assault on the Knights of Columbus | National Review

                    No longer is the debate over Christianity in the public square. It is over Christians in the public square.

                      Miscellaneous | Religion

                      A Global Religious Shift Underway? What It Means for Christians and Israel

                      A strong voice for evangelicals around the world says Christians should expect some big changes in the world's religious landscape this year.

                          Miscellaneous | Religion

                          'Ancient Prophesies Are Being Realized': Netanyahu's Holiday Message to Christians Worldwide

                          In a heartfelt Christmas Day address, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed his gratitude to Christians around the world, and in the US in particular, for their strong support of the Jewish state.