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Science | Science & Technology

Science & Technology | Science

How to watch the Blood Moon lunar eclipse for free online, the last until 2025

You can see a Blood Moon total lunar eclipse on Nov. 8, the last until 2025. Here's how to watch it online for free.

Science & Technology | Science

James Webb's first photo of Mars reveals new data about the Red Planet

James Webb has captured its first photo of Mars alongside an atmosphere composition test, providing new data about our neighboring planet.

Science & Technology | Science

OK, whose rocket just hit the moon? | TechCrunch

You know you’re living in the space age when a rocket hits the moon, and the industry as a whole points to the sky and, like an angry teacher holding up a paper airplane, asks “Who launched this?!” Truly, that is what occurred this week as an unidentified

Science & Technology | Science

The fastest-growing black hole eats one Earth of mass every second

Scientists have discovered the fastest-growing black hole and it eats the equivalent of 1 Earth every passing second.