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Movie Effects Instagram Account Shows You What Your Favorite Movies Look Like With and Without CGI

Specials effects are used to builds costumes, characters, and entire sets in movies. The Instagram account Movies.Effects offers a behind-the-scenes look at the process.

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How Roger Rabbit Changed The Way Hollywood Animates

The animation techniques developed in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" can still be seen in virtually every summer blockbuster today.

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The Clinton Global Initiative’s Ignominious End

Shuttering the Clinton Global Initiative now, the Clinton Foundation has vindicated critics of its influence peddling.

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How 'Jurassic Park' Chose CGI Over Stop-Motion

The movie Jurassic Park premiered 21 years ago this week. But when pre-production began, the plan was to use stop-motion animation for the dinosaurs. Here's the surprising story of how a handful of maverick computer graphics pioneers at Industrial Light & Magic changed the movie's course—and ushered in a new era* of movie history.