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10 of the Most Valuable Cassette Tapes From the ‘80s and ‘90s

Calling all Gen Xers and elder millennials: Those old copies of Pearl Jam’s “Ten” could you earn you a bundle.

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Retro cassette players for people who like it old-school

Cassette tapes are making a comeback, probably because you can’t beat them for making a mixtape or recording the weird things you hear on the radio.

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How To Capture Horrible Quality Video on Audio Cassettes

Compared to the audio quality of digital files and CDs, analog cassette tape was kind of awful. And as YouTube’s Kris Slyka discovered, it’s an even worse medium for recording and playing back video, but quality issues don’t make Slyka’s clever hack of an

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Let’s please stop pretending there’s a ‘cassette resurrection’: Alan Cross

Now that vinyl is firmly back in the mainstream, some people are clinging to the hope that old-school cassettes may not be far behind.

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Music fans bought a lot of cassettes last year

Cassette sales rose last year, with music fans seemingly lapping up the old school format.

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The YouTube generation is listening to . . . cassettes? - The Boston Globe

Today’s young music fans are used to getting what they want to hear anytime anywhere, and their tastes are algorithm-assisted. It’s 2017, and your Sony Walkman needs new batteries. Why? Because cassettes are back.

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Cassettes Are Making A Comeback, But Which Artists Are Actually Selling Them?

Which artists are bothering to sell tapes in today's musical economy, and which titles have been performing well?

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Cassette sales actually went up in 2016

We're barely a month into the new year, but it's already clear some of us still want to live in the past. Case in point: US cassette tape sales actually grew in...