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How worrying is the far-Right’s ‘Day of Hate’ stunt?

  Far-right hate groups have got the Jewish community scared and with good reason. After the murderous synagogue shootings in

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Intersectional Antisemitism in America

The internet has brought jihadists, neo-Nazis, and anarchists together through their shared hatred of Jews

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Why they scrawl ‘Free Palestine’ on synagogues

Despite supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, Jews are targeted amid the riots because of anti-Semitic intersectional myths that should not be tolerated.

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Why Israelis are framed as "white oppressors"

Must see: 30 year old video by Arab American Institute reveals plan to manipulate the left wing to undermine US support for Israel. Op-ed.

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Elder Of Ziyon - Phyllis Chesler: The Radical Feminist Who Refuses Your Intersectional Anti-Israel Slot

Interview with Phyllis Chesler, an academic, best-selling author, feminist, and expert in Islamic antisemitism.