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The shameful rise in antisemitism behind Cusack’s antisemitic tweet | The Jerusalem post

He appeared to argue that the use of the Star of David "even if it depicts the state of Israel committing human rights violations” is antisemitic and antisemitism has no place.

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Actor John Cusack After Getting Caught Tweeting Antisemitic Meme: “A Bot Made Me Do It!” | Israellycool

I have already pointed out in the past how actor John Cusack is rabidly anti-Israel. So I knew it was only a matter of time before he went full antisemite

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‘This is disgusting’: Actor John Cusack retweets anti-Semitic image, says ‘a bot got him’

John Cusack thinks "a bot got me" is the new "I was hacked."

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John Cusack blames 'bot' after sharing anti-Semitic tweet

Actor John Cusack is facing backlash on Monday for a tweet critics are calling anti-Semitic, which he later blamed on a "bot." 

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'Say Anything' At 25: Nothing Bought, Sold Or Processed

Cameron Crowe's much-loved film turns 25 this week, and unlike a lot of high-school films of its day, it's aged surprisingly well.