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A Dog Will Deliver You Bottles Of Wine Outside This Maryland Shop

Stone House Urban Winery in Hagerstown, MD, is currently going viral thanks to some adorable photos of their delivery dog Soda who brings wine bottles out to customers as a sort of no-contact delivery, according to WJLA.

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Tennessee ‘hero’ dog dies after saving family from deadly tornado | ABC 14 News

Related Posts Congresswoman Ilhan Omar and chief fundraiser lover go… Body cam shows police helping mother celebrate… There’s a reason dogs are called man’s best friend. Pastor Darrin Crockett’s family miraculously survived Tuesday morning’s t

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175-Pound Pit Bull Hulk Shatters Misconceptions About the Breed - ABC News

This dog just may be the world's largest Pit Bull. Only 18-months-old, Hulk weighs a hefty 175 pounds. He's also best friends with a 3-year-old boy.

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Dog Sings Along With Banjo In Key Of Ridiculous Cuteness

Listen to those harmonies. In the video above, banjo player Allan Anderson shows off his skills while his beagle sings right along with him. As Anderson writes below the video, “Got a guest singer to accompany me as this cold has really ...

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Helpful Dog Hauls in Bags of Groceries - Neatorama

[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KJ0mu5BdJ0](Video Link)When the humans return from hunting at the grocery store, Millie helps out by hauling their fresh kill in from the car. Good girl!The other dogs, notably, don't lift a paw. Hopefully Millie gets a sp

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10 Coolest Dog Breeds For The Man About Town

I've had the pleasure of owning a few dogs that have been both best friends and an amazing family companions. This got me thinking about what dogs breeds are cu

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Dogs likely originated in Europe more than 18,000 years ago, say biologists | EarthSky.org