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Here Are All the Screw Ups Already in the Top Gun: Maverick Trailer

The Top Gun: Maverick trailer is here, and while there is such a thing as “suspension of disbelief” and “it’s just a movie” and “you guys are a bunch of jerks ruining nice things that people enjoy,” there are things in it that are WRONG. No

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'Top Gun' Sequel to Put Maverick in the Pilot's Seat Again

The 'Top Gun 2' producers also revealed they would tackle the increased use of unmanned drones in military aviation.

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Esquire: James Garner, RIP

James Garner is such a part of so many memories that it's hard to parcel out one from the other. The kids who grew up watching him turn the concept TV Western on its head in Maverick ended up loving him as Jim Rockford, who turned the concept of the .