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It's time for the 'Deplorables' to become the Unconquerables

Democrats won the election, but they don’t seem very happy about it. And with reason: The election failed in its main purpose, which was to shut down the Deplorables.

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Peter Strzok: I Didn't Really Mean Trump Supporters Were 'Ignorant Hillbillies' | Breitbart

Peter Strzok said his disparaging comments about "ignorant hillbilly" Trump supporters were not meant to disparage Trump supporters.

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Stop Everything You're Doing and Look at These Images of Trump With a Fallen Police Officer's Mother

He stopped in the middle of his speech, pointed to them in the crowd, and asked them to come up on stage.

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Nolte: From Jesus to Roseanne, Deplorables and the Faithful Owned Pop Culture Last Week

For just one week, the leftist blacklisters who run popular culture allowed Trump supporters and the Faithful a shot at playing in the game, and look at what happened -- we took the place over and the results were Roseanne's viewership records, ratings wi