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The 25 Best Family Dogs for Homes With Kids

Looking for the best family dogs to play with your kids? Check out these 25 popular dog breeds, from Golden Retrievers to French Bulldogs.

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Low-Maintenance Dogs for All the Love Without the Fuss

Curious about low-maintenance dogs? We explore which breeds are the best when it comes to easy-going nature, minimal grooming, and low exercise requirements.

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The 15 Longest-Living Dog Breeds

Though it’s impossible to predict the age your dog will reach, some breeds do live to be older than others.

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10 Facts About the Golden Retriever

It’s no mystery why these fluffy pooches are so popular: The well-mannered, fun-loving dogs are a hit with children and adults alike.

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Adorable Dog Breeds That Don't Shed - Woman's World

There are a ton of fluffy breeds of dogs that don't shed, including hypoallergenic dog breeds. Take a look!

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30 Times Dogs Turned Out To Be A Different Breed Than The Owners Anticipated

From believing they got a cocker spaniel to being sure of raising a wiener dog, these people got heckin’ bamboozled!

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Creator of Labradoodles Says He Unleashed 'Frankenstein’s Monster'

Three decades ago, while working at the Royal Guide Dogs Association of Australia, Wally Conron bred a guide dog that could live in a household with a blind woman and her dog-allergic husband. Almost immediately he realized that his creation, the labradoo

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5 of History's Biggest Dogs

Some of the world's largest dogs have tipped the scales in excess of 300 pounds and stood taller than some NBA players.

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How Different Breeds Seek Eye Contact Differently

Staring into your dog's eyes is a joyous experience. As a matter of fact, it releases oxytocin, known as the love hormone, in you and your dog. That's the

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How The Crown Saved the Corgis | Mental Floss

Test your knowledge with amazing and interesting facts, trivia, quizzes, and brain teaser games on MentalFloss.com.

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Why Dog Breeds Look So Very Different, But Cats Don't

Why don't pedigreed cats show the extremes in body size and shape that dog breeds do?

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Can You Guess the Breeds that Make Up These Adorable Dogs?

One of the joys of adopting a mixed breed dog is getting a bit of the best of several different kinds of canines. Except it isn’t always easy to sort out what’s what.