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Grumpy Cat found quick success. Other celebrity pets might have it harder - CNN

Grumpy Cat has died, but she left quite a legacy. She's one of the first pets to make big money for its owner as a successful influencer.

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Grumpy Cat, the internet's most famous cat, dead at 7 - CNN

Grumpy Cat, arguably the internet's most popular cat and one of its first viral memes, has died aged 7.

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Grumpy Cat Has NOTHING on This Grumpy Dog

No matter what you do, the grumpy guy won't give a wag of the tail or flash an adorable doggie smile. Nope, five-month-old Earl is as sulky as Grumpy Cat, and is making waves all over the internet as he goes head-to-head with the world's grouchiest kitty.