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Health & Fitness | Mind & Body

This Is What Happens When You Treat Mental Illness As Though It Were Physical Illness - Ideapod blog

Did you know that mental illness affects one in four people today? Despite this terrifying reality, it seems that people take physical diseases much more…

Health & Fitness | Mind & Body

The Dalai Lama Reveals Exactly What We Need in the Age of Fake News - Ideapod blog

As the spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism and leader of the Tibetan government in exile for half a century, the Dalai Lama has well considered…

Health & Fitness | Mind & Body

How to Practice Mindful Eating - PureWow

Taking a few minutes to practice mindful eating is one of the biggest gifts you can give your body. Here are five ways to eat with intention.

Health & Fitness | Mind & Body

12 Minutes of Yoga for Bone Health - The New York Times

Dr. Loren M. Fishman of Columbia University has been gathering evidence for years, hoping to determine whether yoga might be effective therapy for osteoporosis.

    Health & Fitness | Mind & Body

    OCD and Mindfulness

    We hear a lot about the concept of mindfulness these days. Simply put, mindfulness is the act of focusing on the present moment in a nonjudgmental way. It involves noticing and accepting what is. If you or a loved one suffer from obsessive-compulsive diso

      Health & Fitness | Mind & Body

      Memory Enhancing Meditation

      I was not surprised when I recently read the New York Times article, “Yoga May be Good for the Brain.” Gretchen Reynolds highlighted a newsworthy UC...

      Health & Fitness | Mind & Body

      Dealing with Anxiety: Using the Strength of an Anxious Mind to Calm Anxiety - Hey Sigmund - Karen Young

      Anxiety is the power of the mind against the mind, and an anxious mind is a strong one. Here are ways to use that strength for dealing with anxiety.