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Science & Technology | Science

10 Facts About Neutrinos, the Weirdest Particles in the Universe

Trillions of neutrinos zoom through you every second. Here's what you should know about these mysterious, nearly mass-less subatomic particles.

Science & Technology | Science

Can Listening to the Beatles Improve Your Memory? New Research Says Music Just Might Stir the Brain

Listening to your favorite music increases connectivity in the brain, especially for older people. Researchers said music appears to bridge the gap between the auditory system and the reward system in the brain.

Science & Technology | Science

We now know why Uranus and Neptune are different colours

Observations have revealed why Uranus and Neptune – the same in almost every way – are different colours.

Science & Technology | Science

Struggling to Learn a New Language? Blame It on Your Stable Brain

A new study may answer why it is so difficult for us to learn a second language as we enter adulthood.

Science & Technology | Science

Brain structures grow differently in boys, men with autism

Autistic boys and men show notable differences in brain development, according to magnetic resonance imaging scans taken over a 16-year period.