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Cars & Motorcycles | Cars

10 Vintage Cars That Are Still Affordable Today

The classic car market is going crazy, with records being smashed year after year. Sidestep the madness with these cost-conscious classics!

Cars & Motorcycles | Cars

10 Facts About Smokey And The Bandit's Iconic Pontiac Trans Am - SlashGear

"Smokey and the Bandit" is a 1977 film featuring an adventurous run across the American south by truckers trying to get a haul of Coors beer to Atlanta.

Cars & Motorcycles | Cars

You Thought Gas Was Expensive: Special Mustang Paint Costs $26,000 Per Gallon

If you thought the price of gas was expensive, wait till you hear about this one special Ford Mustang sports car that has an “illegal” paint job which costs a whopping $26,000 per gallon.

Cars & Motorcycles | Cars

6 Iconic Automotive Brands That Could Vanish in the Next 10 Years • Gear Patrol

The last few years have been good to the automotive world, but if things turn sour, these well-known brands could find themselves on the chopping block.

Cars & Motorcycles | Cars

Bill To Stop Keyless Ignitions From Killing Drivers Likely To Pass Or Force NHTSA To Act

A new bill forcing NHTSA to adopt a rule governing keyless starters on vehicles has a good chance of passing, or at least forcing the safety agency to act.