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Korean Stewed Sweet Black Beans (Kong Jaban) recipe | Epicurious.com

Cook black beans with soy sauce, then sweeten with sugar and flavor with sesame oil for these sweet and savory banchan.

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Add This Ingredient to Your Beans to Avoid Gassiness Later | MyRecipes

The remedy to bean-related bloat is likely already in your spice cabinet.

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Recipe: Soldaderas beans

This recipe is a feminist riff on the common frijoles charros (cowboy beans).

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What's The Healthier Bean: Dried Or Canned? - DrWeil.com

This tip is courtesy of Dr. Weil on Healthy Aging. Get more healthy eating information - start your free trial today! The health benefits of beans are nume

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Baked Bean and Cheese Quesadillas Recipe

These quesadillas have little in common with fast-food varieties, which are made with flour tortillas and a lot more cheese A Taco Bell cheese quesadilla has 480 calories and 1,000 milligrams of sodium; if you order cheese quesadillas at Baja Fresh, you��