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Voices in Brian Wilson’s Head Celebrate 60th Year of Telling Him His Car Sucks and He Can’t Surf

The cacophony of voices only audible to Beach Boys legend Brian Wilson today celebrated their 60th year of constantly insulting his car, surfing abilities, and loyalty to his high school.

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Brian Wilson Disavows Mike Love’s Beach Boys Playing Trump Fundraiser

Wilson and Al Jardine: “We have absolutely nothing to do with the Trump Benefit today in Newport Beach. Zero.”

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Different Kinds of Trips: Brian Wilson Reflects on 'Pet Sounds' 50 Years Later | NOISEY

Wilson revisits his masterpiece on its 50th anniversary and gives some insight into his recent biopic and long-awaited autobiography.

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Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson to Perform in Israel

The scheduled appearance is another blow to the Boycott Israel Movement.

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Paul Dano and John Cusack Portray Brian Wilson’s Genius In Love & Mercy - Los Angeles Magazine

When I was a teenager and Jimi Hendrix sang, “And you never hear surf music again,” he was talking to me. A product of Southern California—hang-ten capital of any coast east of Honolulu—I was keenly aware of how surf culture represented everything from which I felt omitted, including the social circle of kids in T-Birds that Daddy never took away -

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John Cusack and Paul Dano play Beach Boys' Brian Wilson in Love & Mercy teaser | EW.com

John Cusack and Paul Dano star as the reclusive songwriter Brian Wilson in biopic Love & Mercy, and now we have our first look with the film’s first teaser. The film follows the Beach Boys co-founder’s success and turmoil, from writing influentia