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Cher: Parental Rights Laws in Florida, Other States will Lead to 'Gov Sanctioned Violence'

Left-wing Hollywood star and gay icon Cher has made the outlandish claim that Florida's Parental Rights in Education law -- along with similar bills being considered in other states -- will inevitably lead to government sanctioned violence against gay and

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Trump-Hater Cher Freaks Out At His Plan Sending Illegals To CA. Trump Has Hilarious Response. | Daily Wire

On Sunday, Cher freaked out over President Trump’s plan to send illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities, and true to limousine liberal traditions, she sounded like a yuppie practicing N

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Noted infrastructure expert Cher blasts Republicans after Amtrak crash | Twitchy

"The stupid is strong in this one."

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Cher’s Curious Tweet About the Paris Shooting Just Might Hurt Your Brain | MRCTV

Pro-gun control Cher tweeted out her opinion about what terrorist response ops should do with extremists.