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PODCAST: Afghanistan Proves We No Longer Have a Representative Government

With a growing number of private citizens banding together to do what needs to be done in Afghanistan, including former military personnel and religious organizations - and with the Biden administration continuing to slow-walk any aid in extracting Americ

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With the Epic Fail In Afghanistan It’s Time To Ask What We’ve Become

With the incredible failure in planning and leadership, not to mention the almost belligerent reluctance to act on the part of the Biden...

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Taliban Returns to Violence; Breaks Up Protest Leaving 1 Dead, 6 Wounded

Video coming out of Afghanistan shows that one person has been killed and six others wounded as the Taliban violently broke up a protest...

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Iran's Executions and Human Rights Abuses Hit 27-Year High

The Islamic Republic hit the highest rate of executing people since 1989. The official number indicates that Iran executed nearly two times more people in 2015 in comparison to 2010 when the hardline president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was in office, as well as roughly 10 times more than the number of executions in 2005.