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Israel arrests settlers after rampage on Palestinian village leaves 1 dead

Settlers stormed a Palestinian village near Ramallah late Friday, shooting and killing 19-year-old Qusai Matan, according to Palestinian health officials.

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Fear pervades trans community amid focus on Nashville shooter's gender identity

Shortly after news broke Monday of a fatal shooting at a private Christian Nashville elementary school, police said the suspect was transgender.

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Argentina wins World Cup on penalty kicks over France: Live updates

Get live updates and the latest news coverage on the 2022 final World Cup game. Follow highlights as Argentina beat France on penalty kicks.

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Brittney Griner is free from Russia. Why are some people booing?

Salt Lake City is notoriously vicious toward Black athletes, but these jeers were something else.

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Gay man blasts his GOP lawmaker aunt who cried during gay marriage 'no' vote

The gay nephew of Rep. Vicky Hartzler, R-Mo., is slamming her for her tearful rebuke of the Respect for Marriage Act.

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Opinion | Why these MAGA faithful refuse to celebrate Brittney Griner's release

Conservatives are obsessed with a patriotism litmus test rigged against Black Americans.

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Colorado Rep. Boebert's shameless act after LGBTQ club shooting

Any Republican leader who has the nerve to offer up hollow “prayers” after the Colorado Springs shooting after helping to mainstream homophobia is shameless.

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Dodge Will Discontinue Its Challenger and Charger Muscle Cars Next Year

Dodge will discontinue its gas-powered Challenger and Charger muscle cars at the end of next year, as the brand transitions to electric vehicles.

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LIVE: Jan. 6 Attack Anniversary Commemorated At U.S. Capitol Events | NBC News

Events to mark the anniversary of the January 6 attack take place at the Capitol, including remarks from President Biden, lawmaker testimonials, and a prayer...

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What’s really happening in Portland, OR -- a city at a turning point dealing with its own history

Portland, Oregon has bore witness to some of the longest and most destructive demonstrations in the nation over the past year. The right-wing media would have you believe Portland is a dystopian Hell-hole overrun by anarchists, lawlessness, violence, and

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'It's out of control.' Airlines, flight attendants want stiffer penalties for unruly passengers

Lawmakers and flight crews have become alarmed about a spike in disruptive and sometimes violent passengers on planes.

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Hamas fires rockets into Israel as tensions in Jerusalem boil over

The violence comes on Jerusalem Day, the anniversary of Israel's capture of the city in the 1967 Six-Day War.

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'Not fair!': Man who put feet on Pelosi's desk has outburst at court hearing for Capitol riot

Richard Barnett told the judge that "everybody else is getting out" after it was determined he'd stay in custody until his next court date in May.

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Mask-Refusing Woman Who Tried to Shame San Diego Barista Now Suing Creator of Viral GoFundMe Page

The man who created the viral “Tips for Lenin” GoFundMe page is being sued by the San Diego woman who tried to shame the Starbucks barista online for following COVID-19 safety protocols and refusing to serve her.

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Opinion | This Biden nominee is being smeared as anti-Semitic. Here's why, and how to fight it.

A lawyer whose career was spent championing the rights of Jews and other marginalized people is being maligned for things she never said. It's not right.

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NBC's Dilanian Stands By Story Network Retracted Amid Accusations of Anti-Semitism

NBC News retracted a piece that questioned whether a Biden appointee's financial contributions to pro-Israel advocacy group AIPAC disqualified her from serving on the White House National Security Council (NSC).

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D.C. Police make several arrests ahead of major pro-Trump election protest

Protesters remained out in the street well into the night, with videos on social media showing some clashing with police.

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Trump loyalists push evidence-free claims that antifa activists fueled mob

The claims are typical of many that arise during major news events and particularly violent acts; fringe communities often label them "false flag" attacks.

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US Surpasses 19 Million COVID-19 Cases Amid Fears Of Holiday Surge | Sunday TODAY

The United States has surpassed 19 million cases of the coronavirus, adding more than a million infections in less than a week. This comes amid fears of anot...

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House passes historic bill to decriminalize cannabis

The proposal would end a federal ban on marijuana and create a pathway to expunge related criminal records.

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Meet The Press Broadcast (Full) - November 29th, 2020 | Meet The Press | NBC News

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, talks to Chuck Todd about the ongoing Covid-19 spike. In an exclusive int...

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States Issue New Covid-19 Restrictions As Virus Surges | NBC Nightly News

Whether urging residents to stay home or rolling back reopenings, officials across the country are imposing more restrictions. North Dakota’s governor issued...

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Biden is projected winner in Michigan as tense nation watches final tally

Biden's Electoral College lead grew Wednesday afternoon as he flipped Wisconsin and Michigan, two states that went for Trump in 2016.

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Hundreds of Trump supporters stuck on freezing cold Omaha airfield after rally, 7 taken to hospitals

Overall, 30 people were "contacted" for medical reasons, the Omaha Police Department said in a statement.

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Eddie Van Halen endured a 'horrifying racist environment' before becoming a rock legend

In an interview with Marc Maron, former bandmate David Lee Roth revealed just how painful the experience was for the late artist, who was of Indonesian and Dutch descent.

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What is QAnon: Far-right conspiracy movement’s growing influence

Support for QAnon is growing online and showing up in the crowds of Trump rallies. The movement, labeled a domestic terror threat by the FBI, pushes a long list of false, outlandish and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories that experts worry will be a politic

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DHS memo told officials to make comments favorable to Kenosha shootings suspect

In prepping DHS officials for questions about Rittenhouse, the document suggests they say he took a gun to Kenosha "to help defend small business owners."

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Top Navy official: Sailor burnout a concern amid COVID-19 crisis

Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Mike Gilday told NBC News the pandemic has forced ships to remain at sea for longer periods of time.

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Hampton Inn employee fired for calling police on Black guest at pool with her children

The incident took place at the Williamston, North Carolina, location. Hilton, parent company of Hampton Inn, announced the employee was no longer employed at the hotel.

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Aunt Jemima to change name, remove image from packaging

“We recognize Aunt Jemima’s origins are based on a racial stereotype," Quaker Oats said, adding that the move is an effort "toward progress on racial equality."

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Scenes from protests, riots across the U.S. after killing of George Floyd

Cities across America are reeling from a weekend of unrest during protests that erupted after George Floyd died during an arrest in Minneapolis. The unarmed ...

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Poultry Workers, Denied Bathroom Breaks, Wear Diapers: Oxfam Report

When contacted by NBC News, all of the companies, except for Sanderson Farms, replied with statements denying the allegations.

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Megyn Kelly, Matt Lauer, and the Battle for the Future of NBC | Vanity Fair

In his high-profile, high-priced hire of Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, NBC News chief Andy Lack placed a major bet on star power. But Lack’s biggest, priciest talent, Today’s Matt Lauer, provides something of a cautionary tale. With morning news being