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Sean Ono Lennon: Isn’t it weird how some people would be upset if ivermectin turned out to be an effective COVID treatment?

Isn't ivermectin that horse dewormer that Joe Rogan tried?

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Sean Ono Lennon mocks Portland statue vandals: ‘The Pyramids should be torn down immediately’ | Fox News

Last Sunday’s “Day of Rage” in Portland, Ore. – in which rioters toppled statues of Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt – drew mockery on Twitter from the 45-year-old son of the late rocker John Lennon and artist Yoko Ono.

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John Lennon's Son Sean Just Summed Up Tonight's Debate With One Perfectly Brilliant Tweet

Tonight's debate is probably the most anticipated debate since the last one Trump stared in with Hillary Clinton. The hype around this debate is off the

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Listen to the sweet, sad song Carrie Fisher wrote with Sean Lennon

Willow Smith and Sean Lennon share a recording of 'Bird Song,' a tune Fisher and Lennon wrote before her death.