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The 25 Cities With the Most Skyscrapers Worldwide

To some people, the size of a city’s buildings is just as important as the size of its population.

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Dubai hotel fire: Flames shoot out of Address hotel - CNN.com

A fire breaks out in Dubai at the high-end Address hotel. The city's New Year's fireworks show went on as scheduled.

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RANKED: The tallest buildings in the world right now

We've come a long way since the Empire State Building was the tallest man-made structure in the world. Now, it doesn't even come close to the top 20.

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Revealed: Here’s what the final World Trade Center tower will look like

It’s been a long time coming, but we now know what the final tower will look like when it’s built at the site of the old World Trade Center in New York. Wired has an exclusive report about the design of Two World Trade Center, which will be next to O

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The 50 most beautiful buildings in Chicago

We searched Chicago's skyline from the skyscrapers to the side streets and beyond to find our favorite examples of the city's architectural excellence.

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Travel mag: Hancock has one of nation's best views

A travel website lists the view from atop the John Hancock Center as one of the best in America, alongside a swath of beachside and mountain panoramas. Take that, Grand Canyon.