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WALSH: It's Time To Tear Down The Statues Of These Three Monstrous Liberal Heroes | Daily Wire

The Left was ecstatic this week when "protestors" (read: criminal vandals) toppled a Confederate statue on the campus of University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.

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TN Hits Back Against 'Islamic Indoctrination' in Schools with New Bill

Swarms of protests erupted across Tennessee last month when middle schoolers studied and were assigned to write the five pillars of Islam during a three-week study of the world religion. Now, a state Republican has introduced a new bill that would end re

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New Orleans City Council: Confederate Statues A 'Nuisance,' Must Be Removed - Breitbart

New Orleans City Council: Confederate Statues A 'Nuisance,' Need To Be Removed

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22 Words That Have A Totally Different Meaning In The South

It's more than a region, it's a state of mind.