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The massive Marvel storyline to follow ‘Endgame’ will bring back Tony Stark in the best possible way

Marvel is reportedly working on a massive storyline that will culminate in a finale of Avengers: Endgame proportions and Tony Stark might be part of it again.

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Robert Downey Jr. responds to NASA's advice for saving Tony Stark

Ground control to Major Tony: Failure is not an option, space agency tells the superhero's portrayer.

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Watch Tony Stark present a fan with his own bionic arm · Great Job, Internet!

The Internet isn’t all mashups and putting cats into things. It’s mostly mashups and putting cats into things, but there still remains that small portion of truly heartwarming moments where pop culture is able to help elevate people’s experiences. Such is the case with this video in which a child gets presented his new bionic arm by the world’s foremost (comic book) authority on such things.