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6 of the Most Disturbing Books You HAVE to Read | Book Riot

These disturbing books are well-written, engaging, and unforgettable in some kind of way. Prepare to be haunted, and don't say we didn't warn you!

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The Best Crime Novels of the Year: 2022

Usually, when it comes time to round up the best crime novels of the year, we cap it at 10, but this year brought such a wide variety of excellent releases that we decided to up the number to 20. A…

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Fantastic books for the teens, toddlers and kids in between on your list - LA Times

Fantastic books to give to the young people — from teens to toddlers — on your list, including titles by John Green, Cassandra Clare and Angie Thomas and the new board book, 'Newtonian Physics for Babies'

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22 Classic Novels That Won't Bore You To Death

Fifty Shades versus the book she told you not to worry about.

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50 Books Recommended by This Year's TED Speakers | Inc.com

The much-buzzed-about conference generated a gargantuan list of intriguing book recommendations.

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Straight To Audiobook: Authors Write Original Works Meant To Be Heard : NPR

Writer Philip Pullman says it's all part of the oral tradition: "Long before writing, people were telling each other stories," he says. Audiobook technology has come a long way since the early days.

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10 Books Chicago Librarians Want You To Read

This is the first year the library has put out a "best-of" list geared toward adult readers.

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The 5 Must-Read Books of November!

Motor City's Divine Diva

1. David Ritz's Respect (Little, Brown) judiciously captures the conflicted life of the legendary Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin...