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'Women Are So Emotional,' Says Man Whose Entire Mood Hinges On Performance Of Favorite Sportsball Team

TUSCALOOSA, AL — According to sources close to local man Greg Bernard, the construction sales representative, husband, and father of five often makes cracks about how emotional and moody his wife is, despite the fact that he himself is only happy if his

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How mindfulness and dance can stimulate a part of the brain that can improve mental health

The brain’s somatosensory cortex may help enrich our emotional experiences and improve our mental health. Mindfulness and dance movement therapy may be effective ways to activate it.

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‘They could be the visionaries of our world’: do ‘overemotional’ people hold the key to happiness? | Health &

One in five of us struggle to cope with everyday smells, sounds and images. Rather than a weakness, this extreme sensitivity could be a strength in everything from the pandemic to the climate crisis