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From Ben Hogan to Tiger Woods, golf's oldest major has produced some iconic champions

The cradle of golf has witnessed many of the finest performances in the game’s history. Gray skies, piercing rain, howling wind and a looming sense of history await any player who challenges the British Open.

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10 short-game rules that every golfer should follow

If you want to be a great golfer, you must have a reliable short game. Here are 10 rules every golfer should follow around the greens.

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10 PGA Tour stops you can play in 2022-23

You may not be able to hit it like the pros, but you can play at a number of the same courses.

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Watch Florida golfer refuse to let approaching alligator ruin his concentration

Video shows Florida golfer refused to let an approaching 7-foot alligator foil his shot at 10th hole of Punta Gorda’s Heritage Landing. It happened June 26.

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Are you standing over the golf ball too long? A new study has some answers

In today's Play Smart, we're nerding out over the results of a new golf study from GOLF Top 100 Teacher Eric Alpenfels.

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1 surprising warm up mistake is costing golfers both distance and accuracy

Follow a more dynamic warmup routine, then pair that with a range warm up, and you'll be getting your heart pumping in a way that will help your golf.

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Swing By Numbers: New Study Unlocks 6 Swing Secrets | Golf Digest

GolfTEC tested 30,000 players to find out what makes a great swing great

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Why you should always aim for the middle of the green (not the pin!)

Aiming for the middle of the green isn't just safe, it's a statistically smart play. And if it's good enough for PGA Tour players, it's good enough for you.

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Golf equipment truths: How to know when you should consider irons geared for a better player

Golf equipment truths: Here are some quick tips to follow when considering making a purchase on a set of irons geared for a better player

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Four short-game shots every pro has mastered, and how you can, too - Golf Digest

Tour pros make these four short-game shots look easy. Here's how you can add them to your repertoire

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21 times a hole-in-one absolutely doesn't count

Aces are great fun, but not every hole-in-one counts as an ace, even though golfers would love to claim them. Here are the unwritten rules.

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How to make the putts you know you should make - Golf Digest

When you're putting inside four feet, it should be automatic -- but you still miss some, right? David Leadbetter has the keys to help you.

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PGA Tour trainer: This is an underrated secret to hitting the ball longer - Golf

More strength isn't always the key to hitting your ball farther. In fact, it can often hurt you. Just ask this GOLF Top 100 Teacher.

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Best Apps For Golfers - Golf Digest

Whether you're looking to kill time in a waiting room or track your favorite pairing, the best smartphone apps make the job faster, easier and more immersive.

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Golf Mental Game Tips: What is your golf personality type? - Golf

Looking to improve your golf mental game? We've got some tips for you, and it all starts with understanding what personality type you are.

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What you should copy—and what you definitely shouldn't—from a tour player - Golf Digest

For every feature of a tour player's game worth mimicking, there are several you should intentionally ignore

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Simplify Your Tee Shots - Golf Digest

Get your swing on plane and feel the proper motion.

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Golf’s most beloved figure, Arnold Palmer, dies at 87 - Golfweek

Arnold Palmer, a seven-time major winner who brought golf to the masses and became the most beloved figure in the game, died Sunday.

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Golfer Uses Hammer Club, Hose Pipe Club and Longest Driver for Trick Shots

There have been golf trick-shot videos done in the past, but there are probably very few that are as creative as golfer Karsten Maas ' latest video. Many trick-shot videos involve complicated shots and/or teamwork...