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Who You See Before You Die: Hospice Documenting Patients’ Mysterious Dream Experiences – CBS Pittsburgh

Death is one of the mysteries of life. But the dreams of patients at Hospice Buffalo in New York State are revealing something incredible about the process of dying.

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Where Do You Go When You Die? The Increasing Signs That Human Consciousness Remains After Death

"Our consciousness, it seems, does not become annihilated just because we've crossed the threshold of death; it appears to keep functioning and not dissipate."

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Beyond goodbye

Some people not only share their life but their moment of death with loved ones. Are these 'shared-death experiences' real or a mirage?

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Scientists Photograph Soul Leaving Body At Death, According To New Study | Spirit Science and Metaphysics

  By Steven Bancarz| I recently came across an article that I thought was interesting enough to share, and I think I may be able to provide proper