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Column: Hi, I'm David. I'm a drug addict

My experience with antidepressants mirrors the struggle many people face in trying to wean themselves from prescription drugs. It's called "discontinuation syndrome," and it isn't easy.

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Trump’s opioid plan: drug companies could face ‘major litigation’ | Fox Business

Some related stocks posted losses of several percentage points before the president’s announcement.

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California representatives call for congressional investigation into Purdue Pharma and other opioid makers

Two California representatives called Monday for a congressional investigation of opioid manufacturers, citing a Los Angeles Times investigation that found that the maker of OxyContin collected extensive evidence of criminal trafficking of its drug but i

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Painted as EpiPen Villain, Mylan’s Chief Says She’s No Such Thing

Heather Bresch, defending her company against criticism for sharply increasing the price of the life-saving device, is unapologetic. “I am running a business,” she says.

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Pharma CEO gave herself an $18 million raise after hiking EpiPen prices

The pharmaceutical company that cornered the market on the life-saving EpiPen and dramatically increased its price also jacked up the pay of top executives. Between 2007, when Mylan acquired the patent for the EpiPen, to 2015, the wholesale price had skyr