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US Steel Cites Trump in Resuming Construction Project

U.S. Steel Corp. will restart construction on an idled manufacturing facility in Alabama, and it gave some of the credit to Trump’s trade policies.

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Steel tariffs are needed because China won't trade fairly | TheHill

President Trump’s actions were necessary because numerous countries use a host of subsidies and dump steel exports all over the world.

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Citing Trump's Tariffs, US Steel Says It Will Reopen Illinois Plant

The United States Steel Corporation announced plans to reopen part of an Illinois factory following President Donald Trump's decision to impose a new tariff on imported steel, The Hill reported on Wednesday.

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U.S. Allies Around the World Steel for Trump Tariff Tussle - WSJ

President Donald Trump’s planned tariffs on steel and aluminum put U.S. allies around the globe in a tough spot, rattling stock prices and generating warnings of a possible international trade war.