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Miscellaneous | Miscellanneous Stuff

Self-checkout machines now ask for tips in latest squeeze on customers

Consumers are now requested to leave tips at self-checkout machines at some airports, bakeries, coffee shops and stadiums across the US

Miscellaneous | Miscellanneous Stuff

Radio Stations Abandoned Decades Ago Are Still Transmitting And No One Knows How

The strange sounds from these un-owned radio stations keep internet sleuths up at night. Are they actually used for espionage?

Miscellaneous | Miscellanneous Stuff

Four 2015 Energy Ideas 'Back to the Future' Got (Almost) Right

Hoverboards, flying cars, automatic fill-ups, and fuel from garbage—Back to the Future's energy ideas are close at hand.

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Top 10 Wrongly Built or Misused Stadiums

It's no secret that World Cups and Olympic Games often leave stadiums where no one needs them, and with Brazil 2014 coming to a close, it's hard not to agree with what many Brazilian protesters have...

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This Abandoned Wasteland Was Once America's Largest Mall

The life and death of the American mall is a familiar story by now. A few decades ago, these shrines to consumerism dotted suburbia, only to be denied relevance by a push back towards city centers. But few images express the scale of this trend as much as