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Trebek’s last new ‘Jeopardy!’ episodes airing with a tribute

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The final new “Jeopardy!” episodes hosted by Alex Trebek will air next week, with highlights that promise to be memorable. The first of the five episodes will air Monday and start with Trebek’s “powerful message about the season of givi

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Ken Jennings named interim 'Jeopardy!' host after death of Alex Trebek

Record-breaking “Jeopardy!” champion Ken Jennings is set to serve as an interim host for the game show following the death of Alex Trebek earlier this month. 

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Jeopardy! Announces New Episodes With Ken Jennings Date

Jeopardy! will return with new episodes, hosted by Alex Trebek, on September 14. GOAT Ken Jennings also returns as a consultant with his own special video categories.

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Is Betty White Replacing Alex Trebek On ‘Jeopardy’?

Alex Trebek Appeared On ‘Good Morning America’ On July 21, 2020 To Talk About His Potential Replacements When He Retires From His Longtime ‘Jeopardy’ Hosting Gig. Could Betty White Be The One Who Replaces Him?

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We’ll Take ‘Alex Trebek’s New Memoir Will Make Us Sob’ for $1,600

Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek will released a memoir called The Answer Is…: Reflections on My Life in July.

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Alex Trebek's Health Update Lights up 'Jeopardy!' Fans on Social Media

Jeopardy! fans are praising Alex Trebek for the latest update on his health. It has been a year since the longtime host announced that he was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, and so far his treatment is working. Viewers of his show were overjoyed

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What Happens During Jeopardy! Commercial Breaks? | Mental Floss

While 'Jeopardy!' fans are at home wishing the commercial break was over so they can get back to the trivia action, the contestants are preparing for the next stage of the game.

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Can You Answer the Jeopardy! Clues James Holzhauer Couldn’t?

James Holzhauer has been dominating the “Jeopardy!” game play since debuting a few weeks ago. Here are the questions he incorrectly answered, see if you can attempt to get them right yourself.

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Alex Trebek reveals the type of Jeopardy! contestant that bothers him

Over the years, there has been much debate over the “correct” way to play Jeopardy! One would think that, as the host of the show, Alex Trebek would have to stay out of these debates and remain an impartial witness to the contestants’ various strate

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'Jeopardy!' on hiatus after host Alex Trebek has brain surgery - NBC News

Alex Trebek, 77, is expected to make a full recovery, and he could be back in the studio taping new episodes by mid-January, the producer of "Jeopardy!" said.