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The slow death of Henry VIII

Tudor historian Robert Hutchinson considers the last seven years of Henry VIII’s reign – a time when he was a lonely, vulnerable man plagued by illness, bankruptcy and thwarted ambitions

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15 Huge Facts About Big Ben | Mental Floss

You may have snapped a photo of England’s most iconic clock, but how well do you really know the United Kingdom’s towering timepiece?

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12 things you (probably) didn’t know about the Wars of the Roses

The Wars of the Roses were the civil wars fought in England and Wales between the Yorkist and Lancastrian dynasties between 1455 and 1485. Though historians can’t agree on precisely when and where the conflicts concluded, the general consensus is that t

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Was the skeleton found in the Leicester car park really King Richard III? Experts raise doubts | History Extra

The discovery of the king’s remains in Leicester in 2012 made worldwide headlines, but now experts have raised doubts about whether we can truly say the bones are his. Emma McFarnon reports. This article was originally published in May 2014

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Does Richard III's DNA question the Queen's right to the throne? Relative of monarch may have been conceived out of wedlock

Genetic analysis of a battle-scarred skeleton discovered under a council car park in Leicester three years ago has confirmed that it did indeed belong to the last Plantagenet king (pictured).

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The Final Days of King Charles II - Neatorama

The following article is republished from Uncle John's Ahh-Inspiring Bathroom Reader.Next time you feel yourself coming down with a cold, thank your lucky stars for 21st-century medicine.MONDAYOn the morning of February 2, 1685, King Charles II of England

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Richard III Cause Of Death: Two Blows To The Head

By Kate Kelland LONDON (Reuters) - Scientists in Britain have given blow-by-blow details of King Richard III's death at the Battle of Bosworth more than 500 years ago and say two of many blows to his bare head could have killed him very...