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Will Orange be the New Black for IRS Chief Lois Lerner?

On Friday, the IRS disclosed that an additional five computers containing information relevant to the Congressional Inquiry crashed.

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IRS lawyer: Lois Lerner's BlackBerry deliberately destroyed after start of congressional probe

Lois Lerner’s BlackBerry was intentionally destroyed after Congress had begun its probe into IRS targeting of conservative groups, a senior IRS lawyer acknowledged in a sworn declaration.

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Judge Wants Answers After IRS Contradicts Sworn Testimony

The IRS' latest court filing on Lois Lerner's hard drive contradicts sworn testimony

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IRS experts: Lois Lerner hard drive was just 'scratched' -- not damaged beyond recovery | Mobile Washington Examiner

Top IRS officials told congressional investigators that Lois Lerner's hard drive -- the one containing emails that could shed light on the IRS targeting scandal -- was irreparably damaged before it was destroyed completely in 2011. But now, investigators

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IRS seeks help destroying another 3,200 computer hard drives

Days after IRS officials said in a sworn statement that former top agency employee Lois G. Lerner’s computer memory had been wiped clean, the agency put out word to contractors Monday that it needs help to destroy at least another 3,200 hard drives.

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Judges Initiate Ultimatum To The IRS: You Have 30 Days To Explain And Recover Missing Emails Or Else!

If there is one branch of the government that almost everyone in the United States truly hates, it is easily the Internal Revenue Service, or better known as

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Good news, everyone! The New York Times has identified the 'real' IRS scandal

When disgraced former IRS official Lois Lerner first admitted in 2013 during a staged apology that her agency had targeted conservative groups, a few news organizations scrambled immediately to help the White House manage its damage control efforts.

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CNN’s Blitzer Presses IRS Chief: ‘Why Shouldn't Taxpayers Use the Crashed Hard Drive Excuse?’

During Thursday’s edition of The Situation Room on CNN, host Wolf Blitzer committed an act of journalism in grilling IRS Commissioner John Koskinen with question after question about the growing IRS e-mail scandal.

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Meet The Seven IRS Employees Whose Computers ‘Crashed’

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is currently claiming that seven different IRS officials experienced computer crashes that erased their emails and made it impossible for the IRS to cooperate with c

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Revealed: The Lois Lerner Emails That Weren’t Lost

House Ways & Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-Mich.) said Wednesday that former IRS official Lois Lerner suggested investigating Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) before she was forced to leave her position due to the IRS targeting scandal. According to d